Put On Mascara & Your Party Dress
July 11th, 2014 by Lucy Vallely

There is nothing better than the feeling of wearing a new dress. I got this adorable dress from Ay Que Vintage and wore it to my dance studio’s banquet a couple days ago. I love how it’s blue and lilac because it compliments my pale skin and really makes my eyes stand out. This dress is definitely one my favorite vintage items I’ve ever bought! I ended up pairing it with my adorable platforms that I also purchased from Ay Que Vintage, and of course I topped it all off with a vintage hat.











Dress: Ay Que Vintage
Hat: Vintage
Brooch: Vintage
Sunglasses: ModCloth
Socks: Brandy Melville
Shoes: Ay Que Vintage

OHEMV Background of the Month Club: July
July 10th, 2014 by Rebecca Canterbury


For July’s OHEMV “Background of the Month Club” I of course had to do a red, white, & blue theme in celebration of the Fourth of July. To my surprise I had more red, white, & blue items in my jewelry collection than I thought! For this month’s wallpapers and phone backgrounds I used a combination of confetti Lucite and enameled earrings, vintage enameled brooches and sweater guard, and lastly a stack of Lucite bracelets. As always, I hope you all like them!


(Note: There are 18 desktop background images and 17 phone wallpapers for both Android and iPhone in the zip file below)… And as always with use of any of my images on a personal website etc all I ask is that you give me credit for the photos (IE photo credit The Plaid Thermos). Thanks!


If you have any suggestions or requests for months to come from thrifted/vintage items I have on my Instagram that you would like to see turned into a desktop wallpaper and/or a phone background please leave a comment below and let me know!


Click here to download Desktop Backgrounds.
Click here to download iPhone Backgrounds.
Click here to download Android Backgrounds.

May-July 2014 In Review
July 9th, 2014 by Emily Vallely

Wow! Where to begin? The last few months have been life changing for Lucy and I… Seriously, this year keeps getting better and better. If you follow us on Instagram then you probably have an idea of what’s been going on, but let me elaborate and catch you up to speed!


In May, we went to Patchwork Show here in Long Beach and were able to hang out with some of our favorite small business owners including Heather from Reclamation Dept and Kristina from Wilderess.


Over the last few months, Lucy and I have been spending a lot of time outside and at the beach. We love living in Naples and we have really been enjoying a typical Southern California summer. We try to walk our French Bulldogs, Jojo and Rizzo, at least a couple times per week.

June kind of flew by and before we knew it we were packing our bags for Las Vegas to go to The Dance Awards. Lucy trained for this competition all year, and it was pretty crazy to already be driving to Vegas, this year has gone by SO fast! These are a few pairs of shoes I packed with me, they are all B.A.I.T Footwear.


For the first few days in Vegas we were just with our mom and our friend Moises, a couple days into the trip my dad and my boyfriend met us there (they were both on tour till that point). We went to Serendipity on our first night and enjoyed some frozen hot chocolates! So delicious!

Lucy and Moises

It was so nice having a few days off from work, lounging out by the pool with a drink was exactly what I needed! I even kind of got a tan… Kind of.


Lucy placed in the top ten at The Dance Awards, which is a HUGE achievement! I’m so proud of her and everything she has accomplished this year, not only in dance, but in her career and just as a person. I’m so lucky to have such a cool and driven sister, she inspires me to dream big. I can’t wait to see what she accomplishes this coming dance season!

The Dance Awards

So as I casually mentioned earlier… I have a boyfriend! Brandon and my dad are both in the band Black Flag, and I met him while they were touring California in May. We had so much fun together in Vegas, I don’t think I stopped smiling once the whole trip…I have truly never been happier!


We flew back to Vegas on the fourth and enjoyed some time together in Long Beach with my family. I’m now completely surrounded by musicians… So I think it’s time I start learning an instrument…


Brandon left a few days ago, and I’ve been playing catch up on work. I have some exciting news though… I will be going on tour with my dad and Brandon and helping out with merch! I leave on the 28th and I am beyond excited to start this adventure and new phase of life! I’m SO sad to be leaving my mom and Lucy for extended periods of time, I know it’s going to be so hard. BUT, I will be traveling and I will get to spend lots of time with my dad. Also, social media and FaceTime will make it a lot easier to be apart! Don’t worry, I will be blogging on the road and documenting my travels. Also, Lucy will continue to blog from home and will be making tons of new videos on her YouTube Channel. I also might make an appearance in a video before I leave!


We hope you all are having an amazing summer! Comment down below and let us know what you’ve been up to!